Believe it or not, there are currently two brilliant gadgets which allows users to be surrounded with music at a cost that is extremely reasonable. Take note that both items are connected via a wireless network. Also, both could be easily set up in mere minutes. Plus, both provide an enriching sound quality that is similar to less mobile and bigger systems. The two items are comprised of a single button for easy set up allowing both products to be a must-buy.

The Sonos Zonebridge provides wireless music transmission via a broadband router connection. This particular unit connects onto the router via a single ethernet standard cable. Do note that the system needs to have a 2.5 software capability or higher. Once all elements are connected, data will easily stream between the nodes.

Essentially, the Zonebridge possess two ethernet switch ports. These allow one to not just hook their audio system, they also could connect their DVR, set top box, NAS drive or game console. Take note that the Zonebridge is absent of audio outputs. Customers would therefore want to include in their purchase a Zone Player. Such a player comes with an included remote control saving the customer as much as $150.

The Zonebridge is also equipped with a clear 3.5 inch screen allowing easy music selection and set up. Customers will also be able to edit, build and save their playlists literally from their own hands. Simply select a room as well as any type of music and hit the play button on the remote. Voila, the music begins playing. This system is also best when partnered with the IR001 Myine Electronics.

Meanwhile, the Myine IR001 is an Internet WiFi radio Adapter. It is also capable of connecting to any wireless system. When utilized with the Sonos system, your reception as well as the distance in which signals are received will be enhanced. Also, the Myine possess more than 11,000 stations allowing the consumer to gain access to on-demand programming podcasts.

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