With the advancement of technology and the constantly evolving world, humans have begun to work as if they are machines or robots. Latest surveys and research have also proved that many of us tend of be going through a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress due to the workload on a daily basis. This is where entertainment comes into play. Entertainment is not just a form of art. It is also a method of soothing and calming our minds so that we can maintain a good state of mental health. Entertainment has scientifically proven to be an aid for one’s mental and physical wellbeing and in turn improving levels of productivity and reducing anxiety and stress levels.

As always, Android is constantly dedicated to providing its users with the best possible content and once again, has introduced ‘Archos Video Player’ to serve all your entertainment needs on one platform for absolutely free. So, you no longer have to worry about how you are going to be spending your leisure time or going to the cinema because with Archos video player, the cinema will be brought to you!

Features of Archos Video Player

The app offers a wide range of exciting features to ensure all of its users make the best out of their watching experience. The app allows you to stream all of your favourite content no matter if it is stored on your laptop, or an external USB. All you got to do is connect to the app and start streaming. It also supports a range of file formats and also subtitles allowing you to differentiate between all your favourites that you would want to stream in that particular instance.

You might be in the mood to watch a horror or action movie that is ensured to keep your adrenaline rush, or you might even want to watch some comedy and laugh your mind off, or even delve into some love with a romantic movie with your loved one, or even a kiddie’s movie for some family time, no matter what you pick, Archos video player is dedicated to providing you with the best watching experience.

Its amazing features such as Audio Boost and Night Mode allows you to have a cinematic experience at the comfort of your own home. You can now adjust the volume levels at your preference and feel the excitement gushing through you while engaging all of your favourite content. You can also browse through the app freely since it is absolutely user friendly and allows super simple browsing by the name, genre, year, or even duration of the content you want to watch. All you got to do is just simply download the app and start steaming the best.

Download Archos Video player for Android TV and Fire TV

This is a free application. It is easy to download and install for TV boxes that has Google Play Store TV. However, if you are looking for mod Archos video player, Archos Video player pro for Android TV and Fire TV, you can use TV app store like AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked and etc.

You can use whatever the app store you like. Please note that you have to find TV code for archos player. There are multiple number of app stores on those community drive app stores like FileSynced, and AppLinked.

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