This might come as a shock but social media is huge, and it’s everywhere. Everywhere you look, you find sayings of ‘Like us on Facebook’ or ‘Follow us on Twitter’. You hear about how Google+ is the new kid on the block and potentially can be the NBT, which is known as the Next Big Thing (which is what’s happening at the time of this writing).

I mean, seriously. Who doesn’t get bombarded with references to social media platforms, especially if you’re in the Internet marketing industry? It’s just nuts.

So, a good question to look deeper into is how social media fits into the information marketing industry? More importantly, does it actually produce real, tangible results that you can bank on?

My answer is… not really.

Let me explain why. When I look at how I use social media and how other Internet marketers use it, I don’t see it as being a constant flow of qualified traffic that you can count on.

Now before you get all ‘up in arms’ and think I’m crazy or that I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, let me clear up a few things first.

1. People do get leads and people do make sales from social media, but the leads and sales aren’t consistent day in and day out.

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