YouTube is a place that has subscribers to measure success. More subscribers mean more views. Frequently, posting videos is sure to have a big impact on the subscriber count as they post videos. Getting more engagement is possible only when more people watch the posted videos, get more likes, and shares. In short, the more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to see increased and continued viewership across the board.

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Getting on YouTube more subscriber count in 2020 is possible through these 5 ways:


Way #1: Create informative and engaging content


If you wish people should watch your video, create informative and engaging content. If you wish to create better content, here are a few ways:


  • Build a specific audience and create content. Ensure the video script in advance, make relevant points covering the video and ensure there is no unnecessary information. In one video, if the information is overloaded, break it and create several videos. Viewing short videos is possible and ensure high-quality videos.
  • Add visuals to make it appealing. Start your videos giving an interesting catch so that people pursue watching till the end. Use original content, ensure it is engaging, and include end screens, cards, and patterns to engage your audience.


Way #2: Frequently create and publish videos


Frequently creating and publishing videos helps in increasing the subscribers. There is a need to maintain the continuity so that you are not forgotten. YouTube channels perform better and there is a need to upload new videos to get more subscriber count. Ensure people receive your email notification and this will bring them to watch your video.  However, when the content is informative, engaging, and original, the subscriber count will increase. Publishing one video a week is expected, if you can, you may publish more than one, but ensure it is relevant to gain more subscribers.


Way #3: Optimize YouTube videos


There is a need to optimize on YouTube the content so that it ranks higher. People seeing your videos may wish to interact. Ensure your videos are optimized by video elements featuring title, description, meta tags, and video so that it reaches the right audience. Just like how you can make money with blogging, you can also make money with YouTube as well.


  • Title – Use in your video an exact keyword. It helps with rankings. A higher ranking means more subscribers and more viewers.
  • Description-Writing the video description means to ensure that you provide essential information such as timestamps, keywords, and links. The timestamps assist in choosing a video section that one wants to watch and they can just jump to watching it. In the description, link other videos that are relevant to showcase and keep the content engaging.
  • Video tags- It helps to find videos and to know about optimizing meta tags. Some of the ways of optimizing the channel are to upload a transcript of the video or a captivating thumbnail.
  • Add end or start screen- This addition of start screen gives people an idea of the looks of the video and the end screen is not non-descriptive. 

Way #4: Optimize the YouTube channel


On YouTube to get more subscribers, there is a need to optimize the videos and the channel there are easy ways to optimize such as:


  • Create a trailer– A YouTube trailer allows a preview of your audience that the channel is going to offer and it gives the audience an idea of what they can expect of your brand, the type of the video, your future videos taste, and the release schedule.
  • Design an interesting look– YouTube channel looks interesting on using proper channel description, channel keywords, and channel art. Keep the content interesting and short, use proper keywords and ensure a proper correlation with YouTube search rankings. Include some cool, relevant channel art relevant to your brand.
  • Add playlists and sections– If you have plenty of videos, make playlists, organize into various sections, and place it on your homepage. Optimize the playlists by including the right titles, keywords, and descriptions.


Way #5: Create videos of high quality


There is a need to take the utmost care to offer your viewers good audio and video if you are keen on increasing your subscriber count. Having a professional video implies engagement is certain seriously and your videos will receive a lot of response. The same is true for websites and blogs that focus on any niche market. A perfect example of this can be seen with POD Academy, as they not only have a site and course in place, they also have social media profiles and new YouTube videos going live as well.


A few steps to build a professional reputation:


  • Use good equipment for recording and ensure the audio is clear. While recording, check the input volume meter.
  • Record in a silent atmosphere your video, this will ascertain there is no background ambient noise.
  • Record in 1080p your videos and records say that YouTube ranks HD videos.
  • Use slow motion and accentuate some video parts.
  • Plan the video script filming so that there are relevant points.
  • Use good software for video editing.
  • Use studio lights while recording, stabilize with a tripod and shoot horizontally the videos. However, use a clip-on lens for wider shots.


Finally, without fail, carefully review your work and consider publishing. Time waits for none and in this competitive world take no second chance.














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