Search engine optimization can be combined with social media to attract more links and get higher rankings in search results. To get maximum benefits, it is essential to have a roadmap that takes into account your target audience, your objectives, and implementation strategy.

The first prerequisite is to use a social media marketing program by optimizing content. It is very important to ensure that social content (blog, video, images, audio) is discovered by an audience that is looking for it. Without this, all your efforts to leverage the benefits of social media would go down the drain. To achieve this, you need to carry out a basic level optimization to improve search traffic without compromising content quality or user experience.

To enhance user experience it is important to have social interactions and media sharing amongst social network participants. This would improve the visibility of a brand within search results through profiles, blog posts, videos, etc. Several well known brands have their blogs, twitter and Facebook in the first page Google rankings.

In today’s market, executing SEO programs without putting the benefits of social web to use makes link building for SEO an uphill battle. Social web is a friendly platform that encourages activities like sharing, commenting voting, and linking. When relevant and good social content gets exposure, it paves way for quality inbound links.

The moot question is how to build a social media roadmap. To build an effective social media roadmap, the following are very important:

1. Find your target audience. This is the best way to stay ahead of the game. To know your audience better, it is important to understand their preferences and behaviors. Keep tab of this and cater to their desires.

2. Define your objectives. With the help of social media, SEO can directly influence discovery of social communities or content via search. With the right objectives, you know where you are heading and can have control over your audience.

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