VPN is in the talks these days for the number of benefits which it provides to the users. Free VPN does provide solutions to many problems but there are some disadvantages of the VPN. If your government or the internet provider is restricting some websites for use, the free VPN service can provide you uninterrupted access to it.

You can easily browse the internet with VPN free and have no worries at all about the tracking or the monitoring restrictions.

However, with several benefits, there are some issues as well which you need to keep in mind before using any VPN service.

It might be illegal in your country

Few countries in the world do not allow the use of the VPN service. Most of the countries which consider the private networks illegal have blocked the VPN services. If you find your country in such list avoid using a VPN because you might end up paying a huge fine to the government and go to jail as well.

There are some performance issues

The Virtual Private Network connects your connection to the private server before you access the website there might be some performance issues as well. Sometimes they take a lot of time to contact the private network which is why it takes time to load the website which you want to visit.

This issue mostly occurs with the free VPN service, you might note that the connection speed is also reduced when you are regularly using the VPN.

It might monitor your activity

Some VPN service providers allow you to use the private servers as well but they demand your data in exchange. There are some instances where the VPN companies are monitoring the data of the users for their benefit which they state is to improve their service.

They do help in bypassing restrictions but by giving you the protection they might start tracking you themselves. Read their terms and conditions and know that whether they are tracking your activities or not, choose a VPN which gives you complete anonymity.

Difficult to set up for business users

It is easy for the individual users to set up the VPN as they just need to download and install it, however, this is not simple for the business users. It becomes even more difficult if you want to set it on the business premise.

The overall network connection experiences more complexity and all the devices which you are using for the business gets affected. Some companies will simplify this problem but you need a network management team to monitor the private connection for your business.

Add more cost

You have to pay separately for the virtual private network so it might increase the overall cost of your connection. You may need an additional router for which you need to pay separately. There are free VPN service providers as well but you won’t get the premium features with them. They have some limitations as well when it comes to usage.

These are a few issues which you need to consider before using a free VPN service.

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