OEE is the overall machine/equipment efficiency, the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. According to the oee institute, it is an indicator identifies the percentage of truly productive manufacturing time.

Calculating OEE is a manufacturing best practice. By measuring OEE and underlying losses, you will gain important information on how to improve your manufacturing process. OEE is the best metric for identifying losses, evaluating progress, and improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment.

How to leverage OEE results

After understanding a little how Overall Equipment Efficiency works, you may have already realized how important it is to boost productivity in your company. Now, let us understand how you can go about increasing the results of this method and making it even more meaningful.

Training of workers

Employees must be aware and able to solve any problem in the equipment or production process, without the need to call the entire team. Thus, the worker needs to know the possible situations that may reflect the drop in performance and resolve it. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing the importance of training the entire team, so that anyone can take the necessary actions to keep the machine operating and at full steam, maintaining the overall equipment efficiency.

Joint action with the OEE

For greater visibility of plans by all employees, it is important to use simple and large displays. Using this support makes the OEE formula useful indeed. Automatic problem analysis will show in real time the main causes of downtime, consequent loss of machine time. Another important task of this assistance is the loss of time in changing shifts and in moments before and after this change in employees. All these changes are directed to production managers through alarms, which makes them aware of the problems that must be corrected.

Maintenance of reports

All information must be transparent and honest. The seriousness in the construction of reports will guarantee the benchmark of the management based on the OEE. It is essential to know about the ideal operation time for each tool, delay losses, scrap and other information that can affect production speed and quality.

Integration with other tools

The OEE software is considered unique and ideal for the actual operation of the production line. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that everyone knows this method and planning its integration with other company systems. In this way, the other sectors of the company work with more precision and with greater resoluteness since the information comes from the factory floor.

Promoting employee reliability

The participation of the entire team is necessary for the resolution, calculation and improvement of manufacturing. For this to happen more easily and quickly, it is important to give more authority and responsibility to employees, empowering them and making them more productive.

How to calculate

OEE = Availability × Performance × Quality. It is the simplest way to calculate the OEE formula. Availability is calculated as the ratio of lead-time to planned production time, where lead-time is simply planned production time minus downtime. In terms of performance, it is calculated as – performance = ideal cycle time x total count / execution time. Finally, quality is calculated as the ratio of fully productive time to net runtime. In practice, it is calculated as – quality = good score / total score.

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