As many of you are probably aware of the official launch of valorant on June 2nd, coming out of the beta and making its way into the wildly accessible gaming world. Now, what’s strange here is that usually there is so much hype around new games especially in the battle royale genre. I am saying that because there are usually posts on social media and online forums but I wasn’t seeing much of that. 

Like if you go to twitch right now and check top games playing on. You can see valorant in the top 10 but it’s only performing at the moment slightly better than overwatch. That is a surprise for me because I would assume that less than a week after launch the valorant would have been at the top of the charts. 

If you go to the open critic and see their rating, it has a strong critic rating of 81 with a 85% of critics recommending it. And that is based on 15 submitted reviews so far. However, when you look at Metacritic, it has a critic score of 83 but the user score is just 5.7 and that is a pretty huge difference between what the critics are saying and users are saying. When you see the user review, there are more negative reviews than the positives ones. So what is it that people are not happy about?

A few of the users said and I quote “stupid map design, unbalanced weapons, broken character skills and a lot of cheaters”. Now, the map design is actually not that bad but I can see why others may not like the overall map design and for the cheaters, it’s true there have been so many hackers in valorant mainly because valorant anti-cheat vanguard is useless. And there are so many sites online where you can just go and buy an aimbot or a wallhack esp for valorant. While cheating does come at its price, so many players get away with it. It’s really up to you if you know what you are getting yourself into. 

Another thing is that some of the players are saying that it is a total rip off of CS:GO. And it has some truth to it, it looks like they stole some very good points from Counterstrike. Few other reported issues like Vanguard crashing the pc, vanguard smashing the computer graphics below the level, slow, clunky and boring gameplay. And these last remarks were constant, I mean you can understand why some people hate this game.

One thing I have to say in the defense of valorant is that clearly they didn’t do their research because it is a free to play game and people saying all these are probably League of Legends or overwatch fan. And they heard that this new game valorant is launched and they just jumped in an expecting one thing and they are clearly disappointed. To me, user reviews are not that important and of course, it’s not going to appeal to everyone but there are people who actually love the game.

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