If you want to create an excellent retail employee schedule, then it is one of the essential jobs you will face as a manager. The employee shift scheduling software will help set up your business’s tone and become instrumental in establishing an effective and strong team. You must do the best to create the best schedule possible. If you want to get help regarding shift handover, then the management experts at Eschbach have compiled nine tips that will help you to set up an effective retail schedule in the shortest possible time:

  • Planning shifts during peak sale period: You must take your time to analyze the retail establishment’s sales period. When you notice, you can find the shift handover peaks to use this gathered information to plan on further shifts. It provides you the right number of employees to help the traffic accumulation at your store. 

If you are using a shift tracker app, it becomes easier to track, and you must not restrict yourself from analyzing the daily data. Try to look at the pattern of activities for years, months, or even weeks to help you plan shifts accordingly.

  • Combining part-time and full-time employees: For successful shift management, the shift handover is always best if you mix the part-time and full-time employees. It varies on the types of employees and the work that helps you to keep up the full-time employees from the accumulation of overtime hours or otherwise it can also drive up the labor costs. You must allow part-time employees to work alongside the experienced ones to get valuable on-job training.
  • Sticking to the budget: If you have effective retail scheduling, it needs more than just who works when and can keep everything on track with the shift tracker software. The software will also help you to cut costs and keep your business on track. But you must always keep in mind setting up the budget before you start to schedule and arrange the shifts. This will help your labor costs to stay under those pre-arranged numbers.
  • Creation of template: Shift management software will help you reduce the time taken to schedule your employees by tailoring a job template. When the time comes for the schedule arrangement for the quarter, month or week, you can get right to assign the names to the shifts. This way, all your worries about font or border will be eliminated.
  • Arrangement of shifts around the best employees: Every business goes through slow and busy times. It is always good to analyze your peak sale period, and it will help you arrange shifts accordingly. The shift tracker app will work as flexible software to prepare the best schedule for your employees. The peak activity hours are covered well by experience and new employees to handle the customer flow.
  • Making a readable schedule: Your employees will find it easier and appreciate it if you work on providing them with easy-to-read plans. The schedule must be designed so that, just by a glance, the employee must start working. If they take more time to understand, you must make the amendments and reduce the data schedule. You can also work on simplifying the appearance of employee shift scheduling software.
  • Publishing the retail schedule with lead time: If you post the retail schedule with a lot of lead time, then it will allow your employees to: 
  1. Plan out their personal lives taking care of work schedule
  2. Able to make the necessary changes with any work conflicts

If you post the shift handover just one day before, your employees will not be able to make accommodations for personal and work appointments. That will also result in no show, no call, and then you will be burdened with a lot of responsibilities. 

  • Limited changes: If you post-shift handover with plenty of lead time, the employees will get their time to plan out the things well. It will result in fewer changes and encourage the employees to find their substitutes well in advance just if they cannot work on specific shifts. 
  • Keeping the employees on task with a to-do list: When the employee shift scheduling software goes into effect in retail management, you must keep employees on task with the to-do lists sent on their phones. You can also use the shift management software as a shift tracker and find out the work done. You can harness the digital power and make sure that the employees are well-engaged with work. You can also track the progress of the tasks assigned to you to make sure that the job gets done on time.

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