Movers and packers business comes with very few return customers, so it heavily depends on newly generated business for revenue generation. Sales process automation and move management tools must never be exclusive to the larger moving companies. Every aspiring mover must also get complete access to a complete automation platform to help them grow their business. Growth for them is possible only if they successfully build great customer relationships by seamlessly expanding new services.

No matter if you are an established company or a small mover facility, many apps can help you get your job done more comfortably and faster if you have a moving services portfolio. You can grow rapidly with the platform itself. Packers and movers apps are usually constrained to the following group:

  • Local movers
  • Long-distance movers
  • Freight brokers
  • Storage services
  • International movers
  • Designer moving
  • Commercial movers
  • Piano movers
  • Senior assisted moving

Movegistics is a moving company software that is cloud-based. It comes with an integrated mobile app especially designed to strengthen the relationship with consumers, track and evaluate KPIs, facilitate paperless operations, manage your sales pipeline, and more. A moving company itself created the company, which is why we understand the problems in this industry. The software is tailor-made specifically for businesses’ point of view, which is in the moving industry to manage and streamline every department in your company by using the moving company software, which is Movegistics.

Here are ten ways to use the moving service app to make your experience seamless. 

  1. Operation: Look for an app that you can operate on desktop and tablet devices. This provides excellent accessibility as the web-based apps and software will allow your field representative to access it with authorized devices. Besides, management can also log into the system and access the information from anywhere in real-time. You can use the app to monitor sales information, track sales performance, and manage your operations from anywhere and anytime. 
  2. Cost of the software: The app for movers cater to the business its unique needs. The cost of each company differs individually. It would be best if you make efforts to keep the prices affordable based on each company’s size and the number of users. 
  3. Other integrations: Look for the moving service app with integrated services like Google maps, Google calendar, Techmate International, and many more.
  4. Data storage: Look for the packers and movers app that you get around the clock access to. You can try the app that stores your information securely like that on the cloud servers such as AWS. The servers like these also automatically backup the data to expect higher data safety and security. 
  5. Customer portal and visual estimator: An app for movers with a visual estimator will let you integrate it onto your website. It also lets the prospects to provide information about the movement by using visual aids. It will result in the sales team getting qualified leads to maintain the conversion rate a bit higher. An app like this will also help you to direct your prospects to the customer portal and update their information.
  6. Lead board: With the lead board option in the moving service app, you can instantly get new lead information. You can also organize the lead board so that the sales representative can efficiently and effectively work on new leads, follow-ups, and close more new deals. 
  7. Onsite surveys: Try the moving service app, which will help you to get the right estimates. You can also look for the one that encourages customers to book moves with trust and reliance. You can also use a powerful onsite estimating mobile app, which can conduct a phone survey on the CRM or invite the customer by email to provide them with move information online.
  8. Powerful estimating and advanced scheduling tools: If the packers and movers app provide a better estimate, it is a game-changer for companies that help to move. App for movers is best if it comes with advanced scheduling tools that include crew forecasts and route planning, helping to drive profits. It also lets everyone keep connected with mobile calendars and instant notifications.
  9. Electronic BOL app: You can complete the moves digitally just on the tablet and save around $9,000- $10,000 per truck each year. It can instantly gratify the customers with paperless automation with an excellent app for movers and earn good reviews and referrals.
  10. Management of Full storage: If you make a move into storage, then a moving service app that provides you with storage tracking, payments, and recurring invoicing will be best for your business.

These are the ten tips to consider before you start using a mobile service app for movers and packers. We have designed this unique guide to looking into what you need to look for in an app or software while deciding which one you should go for.

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