The third annual Amazon Prime Day ended with the big bang. This year, the sales have surpassed the record of the 2016 Black Friday and the obvious results of the Cyber Monday. The sales of the Prime Day have augmented more than 60% from the position of the 30 hours window in the year 2016. You have the best numbers of the prime members shopping across all the 13 countries as stated by Amazon. It has commented that ten millions of the prime members have caused augmentation in the rate of purchase and it is more than 50% when compared to the Prime Day sales rate.

The Result of the Prime Day Sales

The Prime Day sales continued for 24 hours and not for 30 hours as was the result of the last year. The event involved some of the few states and places. Amazon, however, did not make an immediate comment on the impact in case of the longer shopping status based on the result. Last Year the Prime Day sale was the biggest in Amazon. Based on the recent year’s performance it shows that the self-created shopping holidays will continue for greater space. In most cases, July is the sluggish month for the retailers.

Details on the Prime Day Sales

Most people are inclined to know the details of the Prime Day Growth. Retailing can be both scary and hilarious as commented by most of the retail consultants. There is the worldwide exchange on the Wednesday morning and the month of July is made to stay out of business. Amazon has the intention to take over the entire world and they are doing a pretty good job for the reason. Once again, Amazon has used the Prime Day as the way to drive both the sign ups as part of the annual Prime memberships for the best promotion of the products.

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