The way businesses are developed and managed have remarkably changed digitally-led enterprises. Digital solutions are not an alternative anymore today, and rather a more mandatory route to success in this current high-octane, competitive business environment. From day-to-day management software to growth hacking, digital tools have come a long way.

Here are some of the most used and most popular ones.

Cloud Storage

From roomful of filing cabinets to digital briefcases, data storage has gone through an evolution of its kind. And now, with cloud storage, the art and science of storing and managing data are revolutionized. With most businesses running on an online-only model, there is a huge increase in the amount of data generated, which cannot be possible stored physically. And the risk of losing such data always runs high. With high-capacity storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, etc. managing high volumes of business data is as easy as it can get.

Advanced website management solutions

Even until recently, websites were more about the visual appeal of the users. While creativity still holds immense importance in businesses today, enterprises are also focusing on the functionality and user experience that the site can yield conversions. To put this in motion, developers are looking at websites with easy interfaces and no-hassle navigation, along with more technical aspects like security, scalability, speed, and so on. Website management today also rests largely on its hosting capabilities. With advanced solutions like VPS hosting, site owners can not only manage high volumes of data and traffic load but also ensure better security. VPS hosted sites load faster and thus affect the site’s rankings on search engines. In other words, smart hosting has become a necessity for running digital-only businesses.Content Management Systems

Website development is not a tech expert’s prerogative anymore. With content management systems WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. building a website today has become easier than ever before. To make it more convenient, these CMS platforms offer plugins and tools that enhance features on the website, which can be installed in a click. These tools and plugins make daily site operations like backups, upgrades, security, themes, media, content, online transactions, and even SEO, an easy task.

Live Chats

Customers look for nothing but experience today. To add to their online experiences, websites integrate live-chat applications for onsite assistance. 

Time Trackers

Finally, a little something to help out managers run their businesses more easily. Employee time tracker app not only eliminates some of the biggest reasons for low productivity, but it also helps you organize your projects and achieve better time management.

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