Start with this one key concept: Build a digital marketing process that is specific and highly relevant to your target market to achieve your end goal. Your end goal is certainly not to simply create a great user experience with conversion in mind, and/or provide as much values as possible to your website visitors. Your very end goal should be to effectively convert website visitors into purchasing customers. But how would you achieve that? Prepare the following:

  • Your product
  • Your web traffic
  • Your website

Your product: Prepare the information of your product. If you have not created your product, you must first create it. Once your product (which can be a digital info product) is ready, it would have details including the product name, the full and short product text descriptions, price, etc. A digital product is not physical so it may not even have a photo. You should design a book cover if it is an eBook, and design a software cover if it is a software or web tool.

Your web traffic: You need to bring the right people to your website (or your business). Besides search engine optimization (SEO), paid search should be highly considered. Make paid search marketing management one of your top three priorities. For example, when you can do it right with Google Adwords (Ads) and/or Bing Ads, you can get exposure for your business at the top of the search engines results. Paid search advertising offers keyword search ads, display ads, and retargeting (remarketing) ads. Most of the small businesses would not know how to properly run a Google Ads account or a Bing Ads account. Go through this Google Adwords optimization checklist to improve the performance/results of your paid search advertising campaigns.

Your website: Before SEO, paid search, or other means of web traffic acquisition can happen, you would always need a landing page or a full website. Clickfunnels is a tool in which you can build a landing page. The concept behind Clickfunnels is that it is best suitable for an online business to sell a few very specific products. One the landing page, basically you can display so much details about the product you are promoting. When using Clickfunnels, it already also takes care of the web hosting management work for you. If a fully hosted concept like Clickfunnels is not your cup of tea due to the relatively expensive cost, you can always replace it with a free website builder such as WordPress. With WordPress, you get certain freedom and flexibility that you do not get when using Clickfunnels. But you would have to make sure you can handle the web hosting work, and install WordPress on choice of web host. You would install a new website theme or make changes to one of the current themes. If you cannot do the above tasks, you will have to hire someone to do it for you. The “someone” can be a freelance web developer.

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