Metin2 pvp serverler, even today, google also search for advertising pages cover a large portion of the first page you will see. It is an undeniable fact that this sector and the game still have players and fans somewhere. Of course, the demand for this pie is very competitive and each Metin2 pvp server manages the best and most optimal drop or contraction rate, he believes is determined by the rates. Of course, the more questions of this kind of advertising brings to the mind of the people “How much of these people gain an ad in Google can give” believe it is not easy to predict directly because it is not at all because each Metin2 pvp server has a certain structure in some of the things paid for free therefore It is rumored that in general, it is difficult to predict how much the GMs earn, the owners earn money from selling items. The most important thing for a pvp server to keep is justice. If the game owner passes a favor to a particular person or clan, it is an indication that the game will soon end or significantly reduce its quality. If all of the items that are difficult to find in the market are present in one person, the person either knows the owner or is rich and takes care of everything with the game money. As a matter of fact, special parts are rarely found in the games. For this reason, even the UEFA as a slogan that equals the equal game that supports this opinion.

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