I have seen pictures of y parents and grandparents wedding. I beg pardon but they are just hilarious. This is not because of the postures or dressing styles but a lot more. Because there was no DSLR Nikon at their time no i phone with different modes along with selfies and front camera option. Some of the pictures of paternal side are colourless, however my parents wedding is evidence that there was no DJ as people were just dancing on the floor. No different cuisines, simple tables and chairs with simple photographer with LED on the top camera that throws sharp rays of light that even not let the bride and groom open their eyes.

But now things have changed a lot. Now you can see huge advancement in technology at weddings that includes completely different menu, sites, arrangement, etc that was available earlier. So if we talk about the video or photographers so you will realize first there is not a single video camera or picture clicker. There are at least to cameras to click the pictures that are highly efficient with numerous features. Second there are two cameras or may be three at a time for recording a video and those too not with sparkling and high beam LED light with those white umbrellas that you must have often seen at the photographer or in the weddings.

Apple i phones and other VIVO mobile cameras are always on the top through which you can create video or boom rang or image on the spot and their posted on Instagram and Fb. Don’t forget to put your selfie stick which is cheap and affordable even your wallet can afford some of the space

How can you forget about drones? They are not just clicking bride and grooms videos and images they are much capable and versed to take a zoom from the heights with unbeatable resolution. As they can move anywhere or everywhere so even inaccessible points can now be easily captured with the help of drones. The technology is growing much faster then what we assumed and therefore the demand is increasing for the same.

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