What are the components of a financial plan?Camarda has been working as a financial advisor for quite some time. Over several years, he worked for many different organizations, including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, before launching his own. AG Morgan Financial Advisors will be the new firm’s name, and it will have an office in Westchester County. Although Camarda’s family company was in real estate development, he opted to follow his interest in finance after graduating college. 


Financial Planner Vincent Camarda Is Well-Versed


In the realm of financial planning, Vincent Camarda has extensive experience. He has extensive experience working with major corporations, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and UBS. Vincent has more than twenty years of expertise in the field, fifteen of which were spent at Morgan Stanley.As a Keene State College graduate, he possesses the California insurance licenses and Series 7 and Series 66 licenses to sell variable annuities and variable life insurance.


Camarda Changed CareersAndNow WorksAs AFinancialAdvisor


Camarda may be a newcomer to financial planning but comes from a strong foundation. In particular, he will benefit from his financial expertise as he develops his practice.Someone having experience in the financial sector may pursue a career in financial planning. Furthermore, it’s a great entry point for those who wish to be their boss and operate their firm in this rapidly expanding industry.


After WorkingWithMultinationals, Camarda LaunchedHis Firm


After working for Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch for almost 15 years, Camarda was contacted by other advisers hoping to join a firm like his. After seeing the need for honest, product-neutral advice, Camarda approached other consultants from prior companies and the industry about creating their own firm. They needed a financial planner like Vincent Camarda who could provide holistic advice but was not beholden to any one software or service.


AG Morgan Will HaveMultiple Long Island AndFive-BoroughOffices


A network of offices in New York City and on Long Island will serve as the hubs for AG Morgan Financial Advisors’ operations. The first location opened its doors in June 2018, and a second is scheduled to debut later in 2018. The company’s flagship store is conveniently situated near Grand Central Terminal on Madison Avenue. Both individuals and corporations may use the firm’s virtual and in-person asset management and financial advisory services.


Vincent Camarda Is HopefulAbout His NewFirm


As the new CEO of AG Morgan Financial Advisors, Vincent Camarda is optimistic about the company’s prospects.  Camarda claims there is a lot of competition from larger organizations offering services comparable to his own. But his company stands out from the others because it provides exceptional customer service and pays close attention to detail. He claims, “Our customers will get more individualized service here than anywhere else.”




Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but Vincent Camarda has made wise choices that have positioned him for success. He started AG Morgan Financial Advisors and grew it into a thriving firm that manages over $2 billion in client assets. When it came time to make financial selections, he wanted to ensure that people had more opportunities, so he founded this firm.

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