It’s easy to create an awesome website! But, how do you bring people to it? It’s something that you can do with the help of search engine optimization. For that website to come up high like others on search engines like Bing and Google, then having knowledge about SEO or search engine optimization is crucial.

Most people feel shy about this topic but actually shouldn’t scare anyone. You only need to understand the things needed to ensure your site ranks higher. Remember that today, there are numerous websites today. So, there is no way that you can guarantee your website will rank first. However, with simple things, you will have a chance to rank them well.

In this article, you will get the essential tips on how you need to boost that website now:

  • Choosing Correct URL

Even before you can make the website live, you will, therefore, need to choose a URL- domain name. This is the address that your visitors will be typing for them to find your site.

However, Google also looks at it as the first thing when it comes to understanding what your site is offering. It is how it will decide to rank it. To boost your site, ensure that the URL is beautiful and clean – no hashtags, special characters, or page ID.

Let your ideal domain by including your business name and sometimes a keyword.

  • Creating Titles And Descriptions To All Pages

The other vital tip that can boost your site is writing a unique title and description of every page on the website. These texts accurately and clearly explain what your business offers and ideally use some phrases or keywords mixed.

  • Utilizing Anchor Text

While writing the text for the site, you have to consider the moment you can use an anchor text on your site. This text is simply a word or phrase that you write and the visitors can click it to visit your site. It should be on your website or somewhere on the internet.

With an effective anchor text, it will help the users in navigating to the website to find the information they are looking for.

  • Adding Alt Text To Images

Search engines are crucial when it comes to reading the text on the website but the challenge is that they aren’t able to look at images you find on the site. So that they can understand about these photos or even graphs, they will look at “alt text.”

So, writing alt text is needed. If you are writing the alt text, you have to ensure that you have accurately described the information shown in your image. However, don’t forget to include your business name or some keywords that are related to what you do.

  • Giving Site Structure With Correct Headers

On every page that is on your website, let it have a title, subtitle, and others. If the search engine scans your website, they can understand better about your content after explaining to them text hierarchy. So, the relevant part will always be the page title.

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