Note-taking is very important. You can make the best out of it if you connect with the right technology that will bring out the best in your investment. What is seen as a partnership with private (privnote) will deliver an arrangement that will simplify the process and give the privacy required to excel in the process online.

We shall be taking a look at the 5 R’s of note taking. When you have brilliant software, it is important that you know the process that is required to achieve brilliant returns on your investment. Here below is our takeaway on the 5 R’s of note taking:


Records are very important and should be taken in a clear and concise way. When you are in the classroom during the course of lectures, it is important to make sure that all lectures are taken down in a legible and ordered fashion.


When you are through with every lecture, take down a summary of the lecture. This will be made up of the key points included in the lecture. When you carry out an effective summary, it will help in delivering the following positives:

  • clarifying meanings and relationships between ideas. This is necessary if you want to grasp the full essence of the lecture.
  • It will reinforce continuity. You are going to be better placed with a clear understanding of the lectures.
  • The memory retention capacity will be strengthened. This will come in handy during exams. It will be easy to recall what you have summarized in your own words.
  • It helps for the purpose of exam preparation. You are sure of getting the best grades on any exam if you undertake the process of summarizing the text of the lesson.


If you want to get high grades, then it is important to make sure you recite all the information included in the summary in your own words without looking at the text. This is necessary if you want to stand out. It will be of help during tests and examinations because you will find it easy to recall what you have read.


When you read over the notes, allow the lecture to pass through you by reflecting on what you have read. Raise questions on the topic of the lecture. Try as much as possible to find answers to the questions that you have raised. You will be at your creative best in trying to answer the questions that come up. The original ideas should be recorded in your notebook. Make an attempt to rehearse them regularly. You will need your creative ideas if you want to answer the questions that come up.


If you want to get the best out of the new lecture, you must lay the foundation for that. This can be done by revising the old notes before you attempt to take on the new ones. It will provide the soft landing required to achieve the best results that will be there for you at any point in time.

When you invest in private (privnote) and put in best practices, you are good to go.

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