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Firstly, what a person has to do is to have an Instagram account for making it private. Private and public are the two options that he can choose. For creating an IG account, it is necessary to have a phone number and a password. After making a successful account, the user must follow these points for making it a private profile:

  1. Tap on the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Then click on the lower right side of your timeline where you will find a circle of your profile.
  3. Then choose the ‘settings’ option given at the bottom of the page.
  4. Afterward, select the ‘Privacy’ option amongst many.
  5. Go to ‘account privacy.’
  6. Swipe the slide towards the right to turn your account private from the public.


Ways to view a private account:

Google might provide you some fruitful hacks that will get you information regarding a private account’s details. But of course, the most common and easy way to view private instagram accounts is to send a follow request and wait until the user approves it by verifying your profile in his way. Then you will be able to see their posted content. Many websites provide information about a shorter route to do that, but it might be a fraud or hack. Therefore, check thoroughly before trusting any third party in that matter.


Merits of hiding your stories:

In public and private both accounts, the user has the authority to choose the viewers of his stories. The person having a closed account will also get privileged to select who can and cannot view the story that he has posted, among his followers. You can click on the ‘hide story’ option right after uploading the story. Every time you will post one, you need to alter the settings. Hiding the stories means creating a thin layer of privacy to the content. But unfortunately, Instagram has not launched a feature yet, which protects the story highlights for a prolonged period. In the case of a private account, these highlights will be there on the top of your profile and will be seen by your followers. For making them available for every user, the user can switch to a public account anytime.


Does it make a significant impact on converting your profile to a private account?

Yes, it is worth to make your account private. When you are using Instagram for your reasons and are concerned about your photos or videos going viral or leaked, it is better to opt for a private account instead of public. But if you are the one who wants to increase his followers and sales of a product, then a private account is not for you. To the users, who have already gained enough Instagram followers, it is the right time to go private to avoid fake buyers or spam followers. Many users also choose to have a private account to protect their original content because there are people who copy others’ content like memes, quotations, etc.


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