In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of websites opting for VPS Hosting in India. Technology has undergone some disruptive changes, and virtualization has been among the most remarkable of them. Web hosting in India has also evolved with technology, and virtual server-based hosting services are being preferred by all kinds of websites. Virtual servers offer a range of benefits, making them ideal for web hosting services. Today, we will look at the reasons behind the popularity of VPS among India-based business.

In VPS Hosting, your business website is hosted on a virtual server. The VPS Host divides a physical webserver into multiple virtual servers by using virtualization techniques and allocates dedicated resources to each virtual server that is isolated from others. Also, each VPS Hosting Server has complete root access. Here are some reasons behind the increasing popularity of VPS in India:

1. Control over the hosting environment

When the web host creates a virtual server using virtualization, each VPS Server gets complete root access. This allows you to install customized applications without talking to the web host. Hence, you have maximum control over the hosting environment. This allows you to create a hosting environment that is tailored to your site’s needs. The only other hosting service that allows this level of customization is a Dedicated Server plan. However, compared to a Dedicated Server, a VPS Hosting plan is much cheaper, making it a preferred option for businesses.

2. Reliable and Stable

In VPS Hosting, each virtual server is isolated from the others. Hence, even if one virtual server gets hacked, the others are unaffected. Also, since the virtual servers have dedicated resources and complete root access, your site’s performance is not affected by the resource utilization of other users. Hence, VPS Hosting is a reliable and stable hosting service that is the primary requirement of most websites.

3. Environment-friendly

A VPS Hosting plan is considered to be a cost-efficient alternative to a Dedicated Server. It offers dedicated resources, an isolated hosting environment, and complete root access, like a Dedicated Server, with shared computing power. One Dedicated Server can be divided into multiple virtual servers. This helps reduce the carbon footprint and makes the hosting service more environment-friendly.

4. Better Security

With isolated servers, your website can be assured about the fact that its security will not be compromised even if any other server gets infected. Also, complete root access allows you to install any third-party security applications to boost the security of your site. This is a great advantage to businesses since, in today’s times, a website that has security issues loses user trust and crucial SEO points that can be damaging to the business.

Summing Up

While each website has a unique hosting requirement, as a site owner, you must ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements before deciding on the type of hosting. The features explained above have made VPS Servers in India popular since they cater to the needs of most websites. If your site’s requirements are met with these features, then research the market and choose a good VPS plan in India for your site. Good Luck!

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