It’s hard to imagine a time when small and large business operations did not include some sort of Information Technology essentials. The traditional approach is to hire and maintain a full-time team of IT professionals to manage the network and a number of other functions. Some say that opting for IT outsourcing NYC is a better solution. Is that true? Here are some benefits that indicate this option is something you should seriously consider for your company.

Reducing Employee-Related Expenses

Maintaining a team of IT professionals is not cheap. There will be wages and salaries to pay. You also need to provide competitive benefit packages that likely include sick leave, paid vacation days, pensions or some other type of retirement plan, and maybe even profit-sharing.  There’s also the matter of providing health insurance and maybe some sort of life insurance policy. All those benefits plus compensation for day to day work projects can add up quickly. 

One reason that outsourcing your IT needs is so attractive is that you replace all of these expenses with one simply monthly fee. Even if you do need something outside the scope of the service agreement once in a great while, the total annual cost is still much lower. There’s definitely a savings advantage related to outsourcing. 

Safeguarding Your Company From Absenteeism

Even the most devoted employee will get sick at some point. What happens when that employee is out? Who will cover various IT functions when two or more of the team members are sick for several days? You could end up calling an outside service and paying standard rates to get things done. 

By contrast, IT outsourcing ensures you don’t have to scramble to get support when someone is sick or out for any other reason. That’s because the partner providing your IT support will ensure you always have someone who can take care of your hardware and software needs. All you have to do is call. Even if you don’t someone is monitoring the network activity and making sure everything is going as it should. 

Troubleshooting is Always Available

When there is a problem with a work station, the server, or any other part of the network, you can bet that the partner providing the IT outsourcing NYC will take care of the problem. Some issues can be resolved remotely. Others may require a site visit. With either case, help comes quickly and you won’t have to be concerned about incurring much down time. 

So is IT Consulting

There will be times when you will need to upgrade software or hardware. How will you make the right choices? Who will handle the actual installation? Your partner can work with you to make smart decisions about hardware and software. Once the purchases are made, the partner will also ensure that those new elements are integrated into the network without any issues. 

And New Employee Training

Did you know that many outsource partners will provide training for your new employees? That includes teaching them about the programs related to their new work responsibilities. As part of the process, the partner can ensure the new hire has access credentials that make it easy to enter the programs needed to manage those tasks, while preventing access to data that the employee does not need to see. 

Would you like to know more about how IT outsourcing works and what it would do for your business? Talk with a professional today and arrange for a full assessment. Once you hear the specific benefits that you would enjoy, deciding whether to outsource or keep things as they are will be an easy task. 

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