If you intend to buy games and save them for play, you need to find the official stores.In the process you will find gaming platforms that sell the games cheaply; however, the developers try to partner with official sites. Also, obtain game keysare faced with the same challenge you will find third party retailers with cheap game keys that differ highly with official sites

How the scammers entice you

You can buy steam keys from scammers who intend to steal and leave you dry. Some of them sell the products through the official markets. If you are buying the game keys, go for official online stores. Some gray markets allow scammers to buy and sell the pirated keys. You will find it difficult to trace them incase their activation code doesn’t work.  If you want free games you can still find them in the official sites.

The aim of buying the games and access codes is to promote the developers of the game. Ensure you sign-up for building the owners and not the scammers.

Buying cheap activation codes

If you are looking for cheap game keys you can find them from the shady markets. Their prices are lower and you save a lot of money. However, you may not know how the keys were obtained. If they were stolen and you are found out,they may be revoked. You may also bebanned from official sites

In the gray market, you can still find honest sellers. They buy steam keys in bulk andthen sell them at affordable rates. The scammers also find themselves in the same market. You can find activation codes that are manipulated

 Are you going for ready-made accounts?

Some traders sell accountson the Steam platform; they are normally cheaper. They try to convince you that they no longer interested in the gaming business they, therefore, wish to dispose-off their accounts at discounted prices

However, you may encounter scammers who will take your money and leave you bleeding. Transfer of accounts is illegal; you will therefore find no help from gaming platforms. Trying to report the scammer may turn out futile; the accounts may be of gamers who took leave. When they come back you would have lost all your money

Some sellers will give the account and restore them later when you have lost the money. The report you to the gaming platform and you may be banned

Why you should recognize the official

Since the risks of obtaining games and steam keys through the gray market,you better buy from official stores. If you want to get cheap game keys,wait for special offers. Regularlythe official sites may offer free games and discount activation codes; you may wait longer but get the games of your choice for upto 80% discount.

You can also look for special sales and nearly-free downloads. The scammers can sell you cheaper games and codes but think of the risks such as malware. This can destroy your account or get you hacked. You will need to be vigilant, avoid installing apps with pops up; they may lead to lossof your data


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