Search engine optimization is a technique that every business should embrace and have it done. As a business owner you can teach your staff members the essentials of SEO optimization. The reason being, at the end of the day the main reasons why we are in business is to make profit. It really does matter how your business website appears in web searches.

Why you need SEO

You may wonder why your business is not ranked high in Google, and yet you have been in the business for quite some time. SEO consultant Mumbai helps your business have a smooth navigation when search engines index the site. It also helps drive traffic to your site by many people having repeated visits. What do you need to know for SEO optimization? Read the essentials to understand the basics.

  1. Avoid keyword stuffing

Here is when you overuse keywords with the mind that it will be ranked. Long are the days when people would use keywords to rank their business. This is a misconception that people have thinking their findability will increase. In fact, google does not rank business with the basis of overused words.

  1. Domain names

Domains names needs to have a keyword that will easily make your site appear in searches related to the keyword. Avoid your site from being scrutinize because it has not met the proper guidelines. Try use some sub-directory root domains instead id sub domains. By doing this, you will better the findability of your site.

  1. Using meta descriptions and title mags

It doesn’t really mean when you have meta descriptions your site will increase but it also plays some vital roles in SEO. What is meta description? It is a short paragraph or a line about 60 characters that gives a brief overview of your content. While the title tags is less than 60 characters with the main theme.

  1. Site speed

 Did you know site speed is one of the algorithms used to index sites? It is fundamental when users experience is mentioned. It becomes to boring when a user googles your site but takes so many minutes just loading the site. The page load time also matters a lot, here we are talking about a single page loading. Some of the tools SEO consultant in Dubai will use to test your speed is Google’s Page Speed Insights.

  1. Quality

Quality of your content does matter a lot. It matters more than having many keywords populated in your site. We know at the end of the day google main goal is to ensure the consumers get the right content needed. Some of the things that google looks at are grammar, typing errors, hard sentences to understand, copy pasting or work that seem related to another site. Be unique when writing content for your business. Sometimes knowing how to go about quality can be tricky but consult the consultancy to help you see how to go about your writings.

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