As Web developers learn the fundamentals of web designing and development, they need to stay abreast of the latest technology through books and magazines. There are plenty of web-related blogs that provide fresh content on any new ideas.

Creating a website and its design is a highly creative job. Many web developers work in computer system design and other services related to it such as advertisement, consulting, publishing, and retail.  Others are self-employed who work on a work freelancer basis for any projects related to web design Atlanta.

Industry outlook

Those who have a good knowledge of multiple programming languages will have an edge. This coupled with expertise in digital multimedia tools like photoshop also has many opportunities. Industry segmentation shows that computer systems designs and related services along with publishing and consulting forms bulk of web design work.

Having a career in web designing would mean having a bachelor’s degree with knowledge of programming and graphic design. With the continuously expanding and growth of eCommerce, online purchasing is expected to grow and with it, the demand for web developers is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 8% over the next decade. The demand will be further fuelled with the availability of user-friendly smartphones. This will also bring into focus designing websites for mobile screens in addition to the conventional desktop or laptop.  Different screen sizes of mobile devices will also lead to websites being sized accordingly. This will lead to an increase in web designing work.

Offshore website development

Websites being virtual, it can be built from anywhere in the world.  Many software companies are outsourcing website designs to other locations where the cost of labor is cheaper.  But this may not be across the board in general, as managing web developers in multiple countries can offset any gains, otherwise made while saving locally. One more hindrance could be a communication issue with web developers in different countries because of cultural differences.

Job Description of a web developer

Creating designs and websites is the primary job of a web developer. Apart from this, they are also responsible for maintaining the website once it is up and running.  The technical aspects such as website capacity and performance are critical.  Website speed and the traffic load is crucial for any responsive website in today’s world of eCommerce.  In addition to creating user-friendly navigation between various pages of the website, they are also responsible for creating consistent and quality content for the website for traffic growth.

Web developers work duties

  1. Meet the clients and understand their website requirements.
  2. Once the details are provided for the website features and designs, the web developer starts programming by using languages like HTML, XML, or WordPress.
  3. Coordinate with other team members, technical and digital marketing for the layouts, content, and graphics.
  4. Upload and integrate the text, audio, and video content on the website. Do a trial run and test the website functioning.
  5. Monitor website traffic and load testing.

Web developers of Blue Light Labs play a key role in any business success. They turn their client’s vision into reality.  Different businesses require different website applications and these experts know how to optimize their client’s website for business growth.

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