There is no uncertainty that AWS certification is valuable and opens the entryway for a great deal of chances, for system administrators as well as for engineers and DevOps. Despite the fact that there is no substitute of information and experience and your certification is pointless in the event that you don’t have a clue how to function in AWS console, there are a great deal of unmistakable and elusive advantages of AWS certifications, basically AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate. First thing, it gives you acknowledgment. It enables you to put AWS in your resume and LinkedIn and furthermore get you a great deal of chances as recruiters and friends lean toward certified professionals over a non-certified if range of abilities matches. 

Yet, the most essential advantage of an AWS Certified Solution Architect certification or some other certification is the information it gives you. I have actually taken in a great deal while getting ready for certification, and that is additionally my favoured method to find new technology from top to bottom. 

When you start getting ready for AWS certification, you clearly start searching progressively about it, observing increasingly online courses, accomplishing more involved labs and start understanding more practice questions, every one of these exercises give a great deal of information and experience.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Information 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test is planned for the candidates who are mindful to play out the job of a Solutions Architect. This test for the most part perceives the capacity of the possibility for – 

  • Characterizing an answer dependent on client prerequisites with the principles of architectural designs. 
  • Giving direction to the association on usage according to the prescribed procedures all through the project lifecycle. 

If you are thinking to take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate test, it is imperative to experience the AWS CSAA Exam Guide to get the test data and comprehend the test goals. The conventional test data for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification test is: 

Duration – 130 minutes 

Requirements– None 

No. of Questions – 65 (it may change) 

Cost – 150 USD 

Format – Multiple-decision and Multiple-answer questions 

Languages – English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese 

Renewal – Required every 2 year

Where To Focus Your Time?

What amount of the Solutions Architect – Associate test interfaces with your present or past work understanding? This will give you a thought of where to concentrate your time on adapting new points. We’ll talk about certain nuts and bolts beneath, and I energetically suggest this online class where two experienced experts give knowledge into setting yourself up for certification tests. 

Around 60 %, centres on Designing Solutions. On the off chance that you work in Solutions Design or Architecture, or if your job incorporates these obligations, these points, ideas, and administrations may as of now be well-known to you. 

Another 30 % focuses on security and troubleshooting, which may be comfortable to those with an IT or System Administrator foundation. 

The rest 10 % centres on implementation, which might be natural to engineers or software engineers. Notwithstanding, the Solutions Architect – Associate Exam centres fundamentally around systems. Therefore, the ideas and administrations shrouded in the test might be totally new if your essential experience is in programming or coding. 

6 Tips For Doing Great On AWS Certification

  1. Passing imprints for AWS Certified Solution Architect test changes day by day. It could be 50% or 80% or significantly more however you ought to consistently get ready for 75% to finish the test in the first attempt.
  2. What amount of time you have to get ready for the AWS Solution Architect Associate test? Indeed, planning time generally relies upon experience level. In the event that you have some AWS experience added to your resume than 2-3 weeks of preparation is sufficient, however in the event that you are a novice to AWS than 4 to about a month and a half is a sensible time. 
  3. Hands-on lab practices are must on the off chance that you would prefer not to turn into a paper certified AWS system architect. Every one of the things you will learn and procure through certification additionally need a reinforcement of hands-on understanding. It’s much increasingly significant for individuals who are not effectively working in AWS like as a major aspect of their normal everyday employment. So, get a free AWS account open and attempt to break things and figure out how to fix them. 
  4. Join the courses which are most modern and furthermore incorporate lab practices. Since AWS is as yet advancing and there is another component coming up day by day, it’s critical to pick the course which isn’t most state-of-the-art, not simply as far as the certification prospectus and educational program yet additionally with AWS feature and how to get things done in the best and most recent manner in AWS. 
  5. Practice as many question as you can. This is, by a long shot the most significant tip from me. Since you will show up for a test, where you have to explain questions in a constrained time, you got the chance to do practice to have the option to go through, comprehend, and take care of those issues rapidly.
  6. Try not to click the submit button until you’re dead sure. When you are really taking the test, and you click the submit button on a question, the appropriate response dashes off to the server and you can’t transform it. You can skip as many questions as you can and, as long as you don’t submit them, return to answer them when you’re prepared. In the event that you select an answer, however, you can’t jump to another question until you’ve cleared that choice.

A significant number of you may find reading books exhausting so picking an AWS certification training course is the best planning for you. There are various online courses offering test based video courses. 

I wish you all the good luck in your endeavours. May you get your dream job soon.

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