In Pretty Derby, a well-known mobile game, players get to experience raising and training their own horse girls. This game involves many different tasks, including honing the horse girl’s abilities through training and contests as well as taking part in various events to boost their stats.

Central Gaming

The main focus of the activity being done is what can be referred to as core gameplay. This could be seen as the central gaming that people engage in.

Players of Pretty Derby strive to enhance the abilities and attributes of their horse girl characters through multiple methods including practice, unexpected occurrences, contests, and the application of different abilities.

A group of cards can be referred to as a card pool.

Two varieties of cards are present in the game: P-cards (Pretty cards, or horse girl cards) and S-cards (support cards). P-cards come in one to three star ratings and can be obtained from the card pool by drawing. Players should not draw horse girl cards if their main goal is to obtain initial companions. S-cards, however, are divided into R, SR, and SSR and have exclusive skills to support the training of horse girls.

FES Cards are specialized cards that are used for a variety of purposes. They can be utilized for a range of activities, such as making payments, transferring funds, or for identification. These cards are designed to make many aspects of life simpler and more efficient.

Pretty Derby also relies on FES cards for racing. These cards must be unlocked by raising P-cards. Horse girls can only participate in competitions by evolving the P-cards into an FES card. Raising these P-cards will improve their attributes and skills, and if done correctly, a “fetus” will be achieved, which is a necessary step for hatching.

A plan for increasing the effectiveness of a particular approach can be referred to as a raising strategy.

With Pretty Derby, players need to stress on increasing the qualities of horse girls and obtaining skills to be triumphant. Enhancing horse girls necessitates the consuming of 30TP (stamina) and emphasizing on training, action, and characteristics. The five characteristics of horse girls are velocity, perseverance, might, persistence, and intellect.

In order to cultivate horse girls, gamers must opt for six P-cards and six S-cards. The bottom right portion of the raising screen is a companion card, and players can choose one of their friends’ cards or an automatically paired card as a support card. Uniting P-cards and S-cards can assist in obtaining opening character cards, and S-cards can additionally raise the likelihood of successful raising.

When dealing with the fatigue value during the raising process, it is vital to adjust the training and breaks according to the situation. This can be done in a number of stages, ranging from the initial upper limit of 100 all the way to the true end, which is known as the “Legend” stage. The steps in between are: debut, beginner, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, star, topstar.


Competing against one another is a common practice in many fields. Whether it is in business or sports, the idea of rivalry is something that drives people to push themselves to their limits and achieve success.

Competing is a key part of Pretty Derby, as it can assist in the development of horse girl abilities and potentially lead to a successful live race. This game has three types of competition: junior, classic, and senior.

A system of abilities is something that is utilized in order to achieve a desired outcome. It can be used to help individuals hone their capabilities and become more proficient at tasks. It is also a way for organizations to measure the capabilities of their staff and to ensure that they are up to the required standard.

In Pretty Derby, the skill system serves as an integral part of the game. Horse girls possess abilities which are classified into five areas: speed, endurance, strength, tenacity and intelligence. Additionally, damage related abilities include speed, mentality, intelligence, endurance and vision, plus endurance recovery, speed, acceleration, track changing and vision.

It is recommended to select skills carefully.

If the conditions are right, passive abilities will activate automatically. It is suggested to go with left turn, right turn, and strong on good turf. However, seasonal skills have a low probability of occurrence, thus it is not advisable to pick them.

Recovering stamina is a blue skill. Of all the golden endurance recovery skills, the bay’s curve is the most advantageous. Uphill and downhill recovery skills are also suggested.

It is beneficial to pick red skills when playing Pretty Derby, as they can be cost-effective and affect other players while having no effect on team members during tournaments. Gold skills are a great choice, and including fatigue skills for both escape horses and lead horses is also recommended.

The five qualities of horse girls are speed, stamina, power, determination, and intellect. Speed is essential for short-distance events, while endurance is key for the last leg of a long-distance race. Strength is what gives a horse girl the capability to pull ahead of the competition. Tenacity is essential for extended races, as it enables a horse girl to keep up her pace even when her energy is running low. Intelligence plays a role in increasing the success rate of skill activation, as well as reducing the chances of interference from other horse girls.

An inspection of the S-cards Support System was carried out with the aim of analyzing its effectiveness.

S-cards are aiding cards that increase horse girl training and possess R, SR and SSR grades. There are six kinds of S-cards: velocity assistance, stamina aid, power aid, resilience help, intellect aid, and companion support.

The five varieties of S-cards can cause friendship training while the Pokemon is being raised, which adds to the bonus when training. Acquiring friend support will prompt an outdoor activity to be shared, which expands the range of outdoor activity options while the Pokemon is being raised.

Leveling up S-cards can be done by using gold coins and support points, which can be acquired from finishing and embarking on missions. By increasing the card’s level, it will be able to gain certain advantages and these can be seen on the card’s abilities.

The upper limit of S-cards can be uncovered, and gamers can nourish their horse girls to expand the level maximum. The following is a table of the peak levels for each rarity:

The highest level that can be attained in SSR is 50, and it is unlocked when one reaches level 30; levels 30, 35, 40, and 45 also exist.

Gaining access to the highest level of SR is achievable at level 25; from there, the limits are 25/30/35/40/45.

The maximum level attainable for R is 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40, and no special skills are required.

To Sum Up

In Pretty Derby, players have the unique opportunity to raise and train horse girls for the ultimate gaming experience. Obtaining the best horse girl requires a great deal of patience and dedication to improvement. Nevertheless, focusing all of one’s efforts on a single horse girl can diminish the overall pleasure of the game. To avoid this pitfall, gamers can use the Redfinger Android emulator and open multiple accounts at once, allowing them to upgrade different horse girls on different accounts and get the most out of this engaging game.

Pretty Derby is an online horse racing game that has become popular recently. Players can race their own horse against others in several different events in the game. The game has been gaining a great deal of attention due to its unique and exciting gameplay.

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